What is the Purpose of Preventive Maintenance

Companies have their way of doing maintenance on equipment or assets. And one of the maintenances is preventative maintenance. What is the purpose of preventive maintenance, and the following explanation?

What Is Preventive / Preventative Maintenance?

Preventive/preventative maintenance is any work done on equipment or system to keep them from breaking down. It is also known as preventive maintenance.

How Much Does Preventive Maintenance Cost to Implement?

Preventive maintenance is a crucial aspect of any business, and the cost to implement it will vary depending on the size and scope of the operation.

However, preventive maintenance is an investment that can save a company a great deal of money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs and downtime.

What is the Purpose of Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance (PM) is a strategy designed to avoid or minimize the need for corrective maintenance (CM). PM involves regular, systematic inspection, detection, correction, and prevention of incipient failures before they become actual or major failures.

What are the types of preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is a type of maintenance that is performed to prevent problems from occurring. It is usually done regularly, such as monthly or yearly.

Common types of preventive maintenance include changing filters, checking fluids, and inspecting equipment for wear.

Which Type of Preventive Maintenance Is Right for You?

There are several types of preventive maintenance, each with its benefits. Deciding which type is right for you depends on your needs and preferences.

Schedule preventive maintenance is a good option if you want to avoid significant repairs. This maintenance is performed at regular intervals, typically once a year or every few years. It can help you catch problems early before they cause severe damage.

Condition-based preventive maintenance may be a better fit if you prefer a more flexible approach. With this type of maintenance, you monitor your equipment and perform repairs or replacements as needed. 

Condition base allows you to tailor your maintenance schedule to your specific needs.

Whichever type of preventive maintenance you choose, it’s essential to be consistent with your chosen approach. Regular and consistent maintenance will help keep your equipment in good condition and prevent costly repairs.

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What Is the Example of Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is a type of maintenance that is performed to prevent failures from occurring. It is usually performed regularly and can involve tasks such as inspecting equipment, cleaning and lubricating parts and ensuring that all systems are working correctly.

Preventive maintenance can help extend the equipment’s life and reduce the need for repairs or replacements.

Why preventive maintenance is a plan?

Preventive maintenance is a plan that is put in place to help avoid downtime, unexpected repairs, and other costly surprises.

By regularly inspecting and maintaining your equipment, you can identify potential problems early on and take steps to prevent them from becoming severe. 

Regularly inspecting can save you significant money in the long run and help keep your business running smoothly.

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