Retail industry needs help to monitor the stock of a product in their inventory. One of the example problem experienced in the field is that it is difficult to find specific product in their inventory. TAG Samurai can help monitor product stock in inventory with QR Code technology which can lead to increase in productivity and retail service.

Our Technologies

TAG Samurai uses latest technologies to simplify 

all of your asset management needs

SaaS Management

Manage all your assets anywhere and anytime with Software as a Service (SaaS) technology.

RFID Technology

With RFID technology we can read and track multiple assets over a wide area in seconds.

QR Code

With QR Code technology, assets status and detail can be updated faster and easier.

Mobile Apps

Don't limit yourself with desktop or PC and use our mobile apps to manage your asset anywhere.

Tag Samurai Solution to Your Inventory Problem

Inventory Rapid Register

Registering new products can be done quickly and accurately with RFID technology and the QR Code which is supported by Tag Samurai application.

Supply Asset Detail Monitoring
Supply Asset Detail Monitoring

Inventory Tracking

Track product locations quickly and accurately using RFID technology in the Tag Samurai application and increase productivity at work and customer service.

Inventory Audit

Audit activities can be done quickly to determine the available inventory and inventory status.

Supply Asset Detail Monitoring
Supply Asset Detail Monitoring

Point of Sales Support

If you have used the Point of Sale application, Tag samurai allows it to be integrated with this technology without needing additional infrastructure.

Why TAG Samurai ?

TAG Samurai gives you the convenience of managing all your assets through many functions such as

Asset Code Customization

Asset code can be customized according to your needs.

Individual Asset Policy

Customize each asset policy whether it can be borrowed, transferred, etc.

Grouping Control

Asset management activities throughout all company's branch can be easily managed in one console.

Multilevel Approval

All borrowing, moving, and maintaining assets can be managed based on the approval system.

API Integration

TAG Samurai supports integration with other applications using API technology.

Asset Report

All kinds of reports you need can be easily generated by TAG Samurai.

Import & Export Data

Asset data migration can be done quickly and easily using the TAG Samurai application.

Improve customer service by tracking products faster using TAG Samurai