Explanation of the Types of Asset Maintenance

In companies, asset maintenance is essential because it can avoid something that is not desirable. A company can apply several types of maintenance, but before we go to types of maintenance, we should understand what maintenance is and why we need to do that.

What is Maintenance?

Maintenance is the process of keeping assets or equipment in good working order. The maintenance Process can be done through regular cleaning and repair or by replacing worn-out parts.

Why does the equipment need maintenance?

Maintenance is necessary for the equipment to function correctly and safely. Over time, the moving parts inside the equipment can become worn or damaged, which can cause the equipment to malfunction or malfunction.

Regular maintenance helps prevent this by keeping all parts functioning correctly.

Types of Maintenance

Types of Maintenance

There are many types of maintenance, each with a different purpose. Preventive maintenance functions to prevent equipment from damage. In contrast, corrective maintenance functions to repair damaged equipment.

Benefits of Performing Maintenance

There are many benefits to maintaining your assets. By performing regularly scheduled repairs and maintenance, you can avoid more significant problems and higher costs later on.

In addition, well-maintained assets or equipment often sell for a higher price than those not well-maintained.

Process or Maintenance Flow

The maintenance process or flow is a set of activities to keep the system running correctly. Generally, These activities can be divided into three main categories: preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, and emergency maintenance.

Difference between Maintenance and Repair

The difference between maintenance and repair is that maintenance is done to prevent something from being damaged or repaired. In contrast, the repair is done to repair something that has already been damaged. Maintenance can be seen as proactive, whereas repair is reactive.

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The purpose of doing maintenance

Maintenance is to keep things in good working condition, including checking and repairing equipment, ensuring systems are working correctly, and maintaining buildings and grounds in good condition. By doing regular maintenance, we can avoid more significant problems or damage.

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