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Managing fixed assets, consumable assets and stock inventory becomes more accessible, faster and more accurate. Tag Samurai comes with advanced technology (SaaS, RFID, QR Codes, etc.) easy-to-use applications, and user-friendly interface.

RFID Technology

You don’t need to take a long time to find out the details of assets. Using Rfid Technology can track a large number of assets in seconds.

Teknologi RFID
Teknologi SAAS

SaaS Management Console

You can access all the features of Tag Samurai such as asset tracking and asset auditing in one console anywhere and anytime.

Mobile apps

No desktop? It’s not a problem! You can easily access the Tag samurai  from a smartphone. This can make it easier for you to monitor all assets anywhere and anytime.

Teknologi QR Code Tag Samurai

QR Code

You can save all assets data  completely in QR Code.

User Friendly

Tag Samurai has a simple and classy interface makes it easy for you to understand all the features in the application.

Service and Support

Asset Management Consultation

We are always ready to help your business asset management with a modern We are always ready to help your business asset management with a modern solution, so you can pre-plan and implement your asset management measurably and accurately.

Data Implementation and Migration

You don’t have to worry about the existing asset data, we will help you to register and migrate your data to Tag Samurai system


If you have a technical problem, we are always ready to help fix it.

Periodic Asset Audit


Our expert team is always ready to help you to solve all technical problems

After-sales service

We would be happy to help you fulfil all your needs regarding Tag Samurai services.

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